How to listen

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Listening to our podcast is easy. Honest.

Unladylike features monthly discussions with writers and bookish types from all over the place.

Here are some options:

You can listen to one or two episodes right here on our blog, or subscribe to the lot.

If you use iTunes, you can find us there.

You can find all the episodes on Audioboom and follow us there.

If you listen on a mobile device, try the Podcasts (via iTunes), Audioboom  (Android) or Stitcher  apps, or search for Unladylike in your favourite podcast app.

You can subscribe to our updates via Feedly or any other aggregator –  use this feed link.

You can subscribe to this website, and be notified of new episodes by email (see the little button over on the side of the page?)

Or you can simply search our blog for a topic, genre/form or author’s name.


Photo credit: Ilmicrofono Oggiono